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Patent No. 6,592,069

Cost Savings & Advantages of Mini-Warping:

The Mini-Beam Tufting System is a patented four component system, consisting of:

  1. Warpers
  2. Warper Creel
  3. Beam Racks
  4. Mini-Beam

There are many possible individual configurations to suit your needs. Please contact us to discuss a specific application for you.

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  • Uses much less space than traditional tufting machine creel.
  • Faster changeover time than traditional creel change.
  • Tufting process may continue while next order is being warped.
  • Eliminates back-winding.
  • Only purchase as much yarn as necessary.
  • Larger packages are broken down on to Mini-Beams greatly reducing the amount of waste.
  • Warehouse Space: By purchasing only the amount of yarn needed, warehouse storage is reduced due to creel-out accumulation.
  • Versatility: A common misconception is that Mini-Beams are for “mini” orders, the truth is that reasonably large orders can also be warped using the 13-1/3" beams.
  • Example: One 13-1/2" Mini-Beam warped with 9 Ends of 1245/2 Yarn will hold 4,000 linear yards per end. Using 120 beams @ 24oz per Square Yard, the run will produce approximately 1,680 Square Yards of Carpet!!


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